Why is change needed 

The NHS is unique because of general practice. 


Health and care services provided by GPs and practice nurses are the cornerstone of the NHS – 9 out of 10 patient contacts with the NHS take place in general practice. 


High quality general practice provides a holistic approach to our care, from preventing illness and diagnosing problems, to treating diseases and managing long term conditions. GPs also help their patients access the care they need in other settings. GPs act as a coordinator of care for people from birth through to the end of their life. 


Today general practice undertakes 90 per cent of NHS activity for 7.5 per cent of the cost, seeing more than 320million patients per year. But the model of general practice that has served Britain well in the past is now under unprecedented strain. There are significant challenges that must be addressed. 















Population growth, widening health inequalities and complexity are driving up demand for GP services and general practice is struggling to respond effectively.


We need to celebrate what general practice does well and retain what works, but we also need to make changes to the way general practice is organised, how services are delivered and how the workforce will develop. 


GPs in Warrington are addressing these challenges within Warrington Health Plus. Together we believe we can create a sustainable future.


Click here to see an infographic about the state of General Practice in Britain.



Click here or on the images below to see some great infographics from the Centre for Workforce Development on the challenges facing the NHS and primary care. 



Infographic courtesy of The Nuffield Trust