Patient centered care that is delivering all the promises

Clinical staff supporting Warrington Health Plus Care Home project came together on Wednesday 3rd February at a workshop to review the pilot and share experiences.

Members of the new Care Home multi-disciplinary teams including GPs, nurses, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, along with project leads from Warrington Health Plus reviewed the impact the pilot was having on the care of residents and on their own working lives.

Here are just some of the comments made by participants about the impact the pilot is having in their view:

"Powerful, positive, practice, practice, pure and perfect.

Patient centered care that is delivering all the promises."

"Residents feel valued and important - feel that people care about them."

"Satisfaction for all involved - patients, family members, carers and care home service staff. Improved care for patients. Enjoyment from going to work."

"Reduction in GP visits"

"Opportunities for proactive, planed care rather than crisis management. Reduction in unnecessary admissions."

The feedback from the workshop will be used to help evaluate the service and help with decisions about its future.

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