Case study: Guided Care in East cluster helps Mr A put an end to lonliness

The partnership between Warrington Health Plus and Warrington Borough Council on the Guided Care project is having positive effects for patients in East cluster.


When Mr A lost his wife a few years ago, life changed. With no family living locally, Mr A found himself alone for long periods of time as he adjusted to life without his wife.

Mr A also manages a number of long term health conditions and his GP practice referred him to the Guided Care Nurse for extra support. It was during this consultation that the level of his social isolation was realised.

Nurse Jane MacArthur, an experienced Nurse on the Guided Care project, made an appointment for Mr A to meet Rachael Hands, the Wellbeing Mentor from Warringtin Borough Council.

Rachael spent time getting to know Mr A and they started to talk about the things that interested him and what hobbies he used to have before his wife passed away. Rachael gave Mr A lots of information about services and community groups that were running nearby and encouraged him just to make some enquiries to see how he felt about them.

A few weeks passed and Rachael called Mr. A to see how he was getting on. He told Rachael that he was about to register with Lifetime; a big step for Mr. A who had gotten out the habit of managing a social life!

A few more weeks passed and Rachael came for a second visit with Mr A. By this time, Mr A felt more comfortable in Rachael's company and he began to open up about other aspects of his life that he was starting to find difficult.

It turned out that Mr A was not as mobile around his home as he might be, and that things that were once easy, like climbing stairs and navigating steps, were now causing mobility problems and potential trip and falls hazards.

Rachael contacted Warrington Home Improvement Agency (WHIA) who visited Mr A to complete a Healthy Homes assessment. Mr A telephoned Rachael regularly to keep her updated with the work that WHIA were doing. Mr A was thrilled to tell Rachael how the grab rails fitted around his home had "changed his life and made him feel safer in his home".

Rachael says: "Mr A and I have a great rapport. We built this up over a number of visits and by keeping in contact over the telephone. Being in regular contact and seeing Mr A more than once means that we got to know one another. This allowed other issues to come to light which may not have been identified with just one consultation. This, for me, is the biggest benefit of the Guided Care project, and it is so rewarding to see."

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