South Cluster Welcome Social Care Staff

New Social Care staff are now working within Stockton Heath Medical Centre to improve links between Primary Care and Social Care services.

Stockton Heath Medical Centre has welcomed the new roles of Social Care Assistant Practitioner and a Social Care Link Worker.

Many people, especially those with complex or chronic physical or mental health conditions, need to access social care services. To ensure services are co-ordinated, a high degree of contact between primary health and social care agencies is needed and to facilitate this, new cluster based primary health and social care teams are being introduced.

South cluster is the first in the town to introduce social care staff and take a step closer to integrated working.

So what will the new Social Care team do?

The Social Care Assistant Practitioner will act as a ‘go to’ point for patients, service users and carers, diverting them from primary care when appropriate. They are dual trained in health and social care practice and can see patients where a social care intervention may reduce, prevent or delay the risk of a health need or social isolation developing.

The Social Care Link Worker will help patients and their carers connect with a wide range of support organisations and voluntary services within the community according to the patients’/carers’ individual needs. This will be achieved by providing information and advice and by supporting patients to access services and maintain circles of support. They will see patients within the practice, in patients’ own homes and in other community settings as appropriate.

We are very proud to be working so closely with Warrington Borough Council on improving integration between services.

Updates on the work of the team will follow.

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