Warrington Health Plus’ Care Coordination project has reached the end of its first phase and received positive feedback at its Phase 1 review.

Members of the Care Coordination team invited partners to review the first three months of the service.

Attendees included representatives from Community Services, Social Care, Health & Wellbeing, Public Health, Warrington Home Improvement Agency and Livewire.

There was a good discussion about the way that the service operates, the benefits that are being seen as well as possible changes that could be made to further improve the service.

Geraldine Kiddle from Warrington Home Improvement Agency fedback that "the agency has had many referrals from the Care Coordination team and we have been able to help patients in a number of ways. We have helped those with mobility needs to manoeuvre around their homes more safely with things like hand rails in bathrooms and at front and back doors, we’ve tidied up garden spaces, fitted energy saving light bulbs and even helped with applications for funding towards new furniture.

“Working together in this coordinated way has undoubtedly benefited those Warrington residents with greater care needs and we hope to continue working closely in the future.”

To help take forward what has been learned from the work in Central West, a working group has now been formed which will meet on a monthly basis to discuss how Care Coordination could be developed and rolled out across Warrington.

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