This July, the Guided Care service in East cluster began operating at full clinic capacity seeing almost 20 patients per week. To date, the Guided Care team have seen over 70 patients in the patients' own GP surgeries.

Karen Shawhan, Project Manager for the Guided Care sservice says, “Guided Care is a specialised service offered jointly by Warrington Health Plus and Warrington Borough Council. It combines clinical and wellbeing support to patients with two or more long term health conditions.

Karen added "We are building on the success of the Guided Care project piloted by Warrington CCG and will start to offer this service in more practices over the next 12 months.”

The service works by giving patients with multiple conditions a single, holistic assessment which takes into account all their medical, social and psychological needs. The nurse conducting the assessment is able to link patients to non-medical community support groups thanks to their close working relationship with a Wellbeing Mentor provided by Warrington Borough Council.

Jayne MacArthur, Guided Care Nurse says, “So far in August we have had 36 assessment slots available, with 23 of these being filled by clients who require chronic disease management. Of these 23 patients, 17 have had referrals to the Wellbeing Coordinator, which is an excellent number of proactive referrals in the cluster.

“The Wellbeing Montor, Rachael, and I have a fantastic team rapport and feedback from patients is that they really like being able to discuss all of their conditions and problems in one session without feeling rushed.”

Tom Snape, Warrington Borough Council's Wellbeing Manager says, “The strong relationship between the Wellbeing Mentor and Guided Care Nurse demonstrates the positive experiences clients have had through the programme. One patient commented that “to receive this level of care has been fantastic”, which says to me the referral process and co-located set up is working and that clear communication pathways are in place.”

The Guided Care service is now operating from five medical centres in the East cluster; Birchwood, Fearnhead Cross, Longford Street, Padgate (Woolston branch surgery) and Padgate Medical Centre with Jackson Avenue practice in the North cluster also offering this service and one more to go live later this year.

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